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DirectX 11 Engine

After completing my final year at University, I finally had more time to be able to work on personal projects.

One of which was a DirectX 11 Engine. I took the existing framework I had built for my Final Year Project and re-purposed it for greater expansion.

The Final Year Project framework was missing various graphical elements and other features which were present in my  'Advanced Graphics and Real-Time Rendering' assignments (normal mapping, Terrain Generation). Once these were added, new features were then implemented.

Some of the main new features are:

  • Physically-Based Rendering

  • Tessellation using displacement maps

  • Different light source types (spot lights, point lights)

  • Specular Mapping

  • UI Rendering

  • Data-driven configuration using XML files

New features are being added over time with real-time reflections, spherical harmonic lighting, and more expected to be added.

Fairly recently, the engine underwent a large refactor. Much of the core structure of the engine was changed to reduce the amount of dependencies across various areas, and to make it easier to take the core of the engine and reuse it without the project-specific bits.


This project is currently under development, and is publicly available on GitHub

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