DirectX 11 Engine

After completing my final year at University, I finally had more time to be able to work on personal projects.

One of which was a DirectX 11 Engine. I took the existing framework I had built for my Final Year Project and re-purposed it for greater expansion.

The Final Year Project framework was missing various graphical elements and other features which were present in my  'Advanced Graphics and Real-Time Rendering' assignments (normal mapping, Terrain Generation). Once these were added, new features were then implemented.

Some of the main new features are:

  • Physically-Based Rendering

  • Tessellation using displacement maps

  • Different light source types (spot lights, point lights)

  • Specular Mapping

New features are being added over time with real-time reflections, spherical harmonic lighting, and more expected to be added.


This project is currently under development, and is publicly available on GitHub