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Zombie Road

Another module in the final year of my University course (known officially as 'Group Game Development Project & Work-Based Simulation) involved grouping up into small teams to create a game. For one full day each week, we simulate a games studio, working on a game which we plan to release at the end of the course (providing it is in a state to be released). The lecturer acts as the ‘Producer’, overseeing the teams to ensure that everyone is taking part and that the team is working together as expected.

The game my team was tasked with was ‘Zombie Road’. The aim of the game is to survive the hordes of zombies as you travel across the city. You have a time limit to reach the checkpoint, which increases in distance each time you reach and pass the checkpoint.The player can pick up weapons, found throughout the world, to kill zombies and earn points. After the player dies, they will unlock a new object which will spawn in the world the next time they play.

One of my core tasks was implementing the vehicle system, allowing the player to enter and exit vehicles, and drive them around the game world. Vehicles will eventually run out of fuel, and can take damage from colliding with the environment, or by zombies climbing on top of it and causing damage by stomping on the roof.

The video shown is still in heavy development, and changes to how it will look are to be expected.

The game has been developed using Unity, targeting Android Devices. iOS and PC may also be considered at some point in the future.

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