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Tap Tap Slide

During the second year of university, one of the course modules (Technical Games Production) involved working within teams to create games. The objective of the module is to learn how to work on a project which multiple people could also be working on.

For the 1st semester, I worked with another student to produce a small game using Cocos 2D-X. This game, TapTapSlide, was a 'breakout' type game, where the objective is to destroy the bricks using the paddle to bounce the ball around the scene. If the ball falls off screen, the player will lose a life and a new ball will fire from the paddle.

Blocks, when destroyed, will sometimes drop power-ups, such as extra balls or lives. 

When developing this game, we used Git and GitHub to keep out individual copies of the game up to date with each other. We learned how to handle conflicts and merging issues, and how to fix them.

Overall, it was a good exercise to improve our abilities to work in a team, and give us an insight into how a game studio might work.

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