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Salt Vault

Bills List

View all your bills current, paid, and outstanding bills

Shopping List

View information on shopping items, create notifications, and mark as purchased

Create Bill

Add new bills to the list

Bill Details

View and edit information about existing bills

Add Shopping Item

Add new shopping items to the list

Salt Vault is an Android App developed as a collaborative operation with my housemate. It was developed in order to assist us in handling our monthly house bills, keeping track of due dates and the amount owed.

The current features are:

  • Add, view, edit, and delete bills

  • Add, edit, and delete bill payments

  • Add, edit, and delete Shopping Items

A feature currently in development is a 'todo' list. This will be used for arranging tasks for people.

We intent to develop this, and release as a service. Users will create accounts on the website, giving them access to their own set of bills, shopping items, and todos. 

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