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Zombie Road Privacy Policy

Zombie Road does not collect or store any personal user information, including:​

  • Personal info (name, email, address, phone number, race/ethnicity, political/religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age, gender, other personally identifiable data)

  • Financial info (user payment info, purchase history, credit score, other financial info)

  • Health and Fitness info

  • Messages (Emails, SMS/MMS)

  • Photos + videos

  • Audio (recordings, music files, other user-generated or provided audio)

  • Local files and documents

  • Contacts

  • App activity (interactions, in-app search history, user's installed apps)

  • Web browsing history

  • App info (Crash logs)

As Zombie Road was created using Unity, the following information is collected (but is not stored, neither is it used by the developer in any capacity):

  • Approximate Location Information

  • User ID

  • Diagnostics and other app performance information

  • Device information

Zombie Road does not contain ads.

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