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Mystic Vale

Mystic Vale is the second game I worked on during my time at Nomad Games. It was a much bigger project compared to the previous game, Love Letter, and has had 2 (of the physical version's 6) expansions released so far. More expansions are planned for the future.

My primary job on Mystic Vale was implementing the user interface aspect of the game. This has meant working closely with the Art and Design teams to ensure that their vision is accurately portrayed within the game. I also need to work closely with the other programmers who create the underlying systems which drive the game.

I have also worked on specific features available in the game, such as the Tutorials, Achievements, and have been the primary developer in porting the game to mobile platforms.

Mystic Vale is available on Steam for both PC and Mac, as well as on the Google Play Store (Android) and the iOS App Store. The Android and iOS versions of the game are bundled with the first expansion, Vale of Magic.




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