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Further Games and Graphics Concepts

Further Games and Graphics Concepts was a module during the 2nd Year, which introduced us to the DirectX 11 Graphics API. Below, you can see the 2 assignments which I completed for the module.

Semester 1

Semester 1 involved learning the basics behind DirectX, such as HLSL shaders and the various concepts behind how DirectX works.

For my first assignment, I implemented a first person free-flying camera to explore the scene, fog effects, alpha clipping (for the ocean texture), a simple skybox, and a basic lighting system.

Semester 2

Semester 2 focused more on the concepts and implementation of physics and a simple AI to the scene.

For the second assignment, I used my framework from assignment 1, modifying it to implement the physics and AI.

An aircraft was added to the scene which was used to demonstrate the physics implementation. The aircraft would accelerate and lift off when it had reached a high enough speed. Banking sharply to the left or right would slow the aircraft down slightly, and cause it to drop from the sky.

The AI was applied to multiple other aircraft, which will fly around the scene and chase the player aircraft.

Both the AI and player aircraft had collision boxes, allowing them to collide with each other and the floor.

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